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About enterprise NOVATEH-UKRAЇNA, TOV

Novatekh offers a wide choice of high-quality production for construction of polyethylene gas pipelines and water supply systems and various systems of communications from PP polypropylene

Enters a basis of production:

* Pipes for gas pipelines and water supply systems from PE80, PE100
* Thermistor, butt, bell-shaped and compression connecting details (fitting) of the known European and domestic producers, such as (+ GF +, TRANS-QUADRO, agru, GECO, Bänninger, PLAST FASON, Sigma-Li PP)
* PE FLOWSERWE France and Friamat Germany armored personnel carriers Polyethylene cranes.
* House (domestic) socle inputs, PE/St, cover, column.
* Tape gas, water (carefully gas; carefully water supply system)
* Thermistor and butt welding machines: Nowatech, Kamitech (Poland), Fischer (Switzerland)
* Counters gas and water
* Shutoff valves (HAWLE)

And many other types of production necessary for you for construction of engineering networks. Also you can get necessary advice from experts.


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